Tuesday, 29 January 2008

COMPETENCIES #3 First Year of officership



  1. Demonstrate commitment to and evidence of holy living and give testimony to a new work of grace in your life.

Demonstrate commitment to the spiritual disciplines, especially regular private prayer and reading the Scriptures. Support personally and incorporate into the corps the Territorial Prayer Plan.

Establish and/or maintain regular Bible Studies in the corps for both youth and senior corps.

Demonstrate integrity of character .

5 Demonstrate a strong purpose to lead people to Christ.


6 Practice servant leadership.

7 Assist your people to be aware of social issues and help them to establish a ministry Eg. To counter Human Trafficking.

Demonstrate a commitment and loyalty to The Salvation Army doctrines, principles, and procedures. Teach them to your people.

Accept and respond positively to the concept of accountability in every area especially spiritual and financial.

Demonstrate ability to motivate and inspire people to action especially in terms of evangelism and service.

Demonstrate ability to develop a strategy and set realistic goals.

Demonstrate ability to make good decisions and take initiative in problem solving.

Demonstrate ability to communicate a vision for mission and ministry Demonstrate ability to lead confidently without dominating


14 Participate consistently in Spiritual Mentor and Pastoral Care Programs.

15 Demonstrate ability to communicate empathy.

Demonstrate good interpersonal skills.

Demonstrate ability to encourage and inspire the best in others by involving your people in mission and ministry in the corps.

Demonstrate ability to manage conflicts, anger and stress in self and others.

Practice a consistent pastoral ministry by visiting and praying with your people in their homes and giving care in crisis.

Demonstrate commitment and ability to develop, empower, and encourage others.

Demonstrate ability and willingness to work in a team - Establish an effective Corps Council and Pastoral Care Council in the corps.


Demonstrate evidence of a teachable spirit and a commitment to self development and life long learning.

Understand dynamics of change and respond appropriately.

Demonstrate ability to relate to people from different backgrounds.

Demonstrate ability to discipline others when necessary with Christian love and care.

Demonstrate ability to create an environment which encourages others to grow spiritually.

Contribute an article to the War Cry or Officer Magazine and encourage soldiers to contribute to the War Cry.

Attend the One Year Officer Seminar and complete all requirements


Demonstrate Management skills applicable to both corps and office responsibilities.

Understand finance concepts and fulfill requirements.

Demonstrate commitment toward making Corps financially independent by establishing a Planned Giving Programme and Fundraising ventures.

Fulfill responsibility for property care and maintenance, including care and cleaning of Corps building and quarters.

Demonstrate good time management skills and capacity for self-management.

Demonstrate ability to work without direct supervision and show initiative.


Exercise a consistent Bible based preaching and teaching ministry.

Demonstrate ability to lead a congregation to experience uplifting and creative worship.

Demonstrate the ability to provide Salvation Army Program Management.

Demonstrate ability and willingness to build relationships in the local community.

Set a good example in attendance and participation at the Corps.

Demonstrate an acceptable standard in personal grooming and wearing of uniform.

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