Tuesday, 29 January 2008

COMPETENCIES # 4 Five Years Service


Preach holiness regularly in the corps and conduct a holiness seminar in your corps/appointment

Hold in the corps either a half-night of prayer or Seminar on Prayer. Ensure that regular prayer meetings are held in the corps and be an example in attendance. Promote the Territorial Prayer Plan

Encourage your people and provide resources to assist them to read the Bible daily and participate in regular Bible Studies both personally and as a corps programme. Complete Bible Study requirements of Continuing Education Course

Lead and teach your people in outreach and show through your corps programme that you are adding new converts and soldiers to the corps


Seek to identify, encourage and support Candidates in the corps. Annually observe Candidates Sunday and give opportunity for responding to the Call of God to Officership

Establish and maintain a social ministry within the corps to the poor, the disadvantaged or special needs group such as the homeless or those who have HIV/AIDS

Ensure that all new soldiers (Junior and Senior) undertake Soldiership Classes before enrolment

Ensure audits are conducted annually in the corps as required and provide statistics and reports as requested in a timely manner

Hold a spiritual gifts seminar in your corps to assist your soldiers to discover, develop and use their spiritual gifts.

Demonstrate an ability to involve your soldiers in ministry within the corps and the community according to their spiritual gifts.

Hold a seminar in your corps to help your soldiers understand evangelism and corps growth principles.

Develop and teach strategy and goal setting in ministry, corps programming, and community development and apply the Territorial Strategic Framework to your corps programme.

Establish and maintain a Planned Giving Programme in the corps.


Ensure the Pastoral Care Council operates effectively in your corps

Apply to your leadership principles of conflict resolution

Develop and maintain a good pastoral care programme in the corps and personally fulfill a regular visitation schedule to the people on your corps rolls

Train your soldiers in pastoral visitation


Continue the education process through self-motivation and complete an elective study course

Consistently relate well to a diverse group of people without prejudice. Actively oppose racism.

Conduct a seminar in the corps to provide and teach the Territorial Positional Statements

Demonstrate improved ability to personally manage conflict, anger and stress.

Teach lay leaders in the corps and participate in the Divisional/Regional Local officers seminars and training

Contribute at least one article to the War Cry and the Officer Magazine and appoint a Corps Correspondent.

Establish a working Corps Council in your corps

Complete Continuing Education 5 year Study Programme and attend the Five Year Officer Review


Function effectively with contentment within the financial boundaries of our territory and appointment and demonstrate commitment to self-financing.

Undertake a Management Course (or read two books on management)

Write and submit a project proposal based on self-support development


Practice thorough competence in Biblical preaching to a diversity of groups under a variety of circumstances

Write and follow a three month preaching plan.

Conduct Salvation Army Ceremonies as required.

Demonstrate good Public Relations skills and practice and consistent participation within the wider community

Submit a Community development Project for approval and funding

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