Tuesday, 29 January 2008

COMPETENCIES From Russia (With love!)



  • Conversion Experience Testify to a conversion experience and a personal assurance of salvation. (An inner change)
  • Spiritual Growth & Holiness Demonstrate commitment to spiritual growth through holy living, discipleship and regular prayer and Bible reading by keeping a prayer journal and following a daily Bible Reading Plan.
  • Bible Complete required Bible Studies.
  • Applied Christian Principles Understand and commit to a life of Christian honesty and integrity.
  • Demonstrate this life-style within the corps
  • God’s Plan Possess a passion for God’s plan for self and others. Possess a vision and passion for reaching the lost and bringing them to –°hrist and discipling them.


  • A Calling to Salvation Army Officership Articulate a specific call to Officership in The Salvation Army, not simply a call to ministry and service in the church.

  • A Covenant Relationship with God Understand and commit to the concept of a Salvation Army Officer under a covenant.

  • Ministry to the Poor Support and apply to your own life The Salvation Army’s commitment to sacrificial service to the poor and marginalized and to serve all people without discrimination.

  • An understanding and Loyalty to Doctrines Demonstrate loyalty to and support of The Salvation Army doctrines

  • Accountable- Accept and demonstrate the necessity for accountability at every level of leadership.
  • Commitment to The Salvation Army Mission and philosophy of ministry, Territorial Strategic Framework and The Salvation Army distinctive characteristics and values including the appointment system and chain of command.
  • - Demonstrate a willingness to be a servant leader and understand what is a typical day in the life of an officer.
  • Complete required studies in Salvation Army History and its place in Church History
  • Motivational- Commit to self-motivation and self-discipline.


  • Demonstrate an ability to form and develop healthy relationships.


  • Teachable - Possess the ability and desire to learn, to apply learning, to change and commit to life-long learning.
  • Be familiar with and understand the Territorial Positional Statements.
  • (Complete all required candidates lessons with acceptable results)



  • Worship and Preaching Demonstrate the ability to lead a public worship meeting and prepare and preach a sermon

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