Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Two questions

Dear ETL fellow members, can you please tell me the official name of your training program? Specifically I am looking to find out the various terms used in your name such as school, college, centre (and the logic behind the choice of word).

The second question - that I hope you will not consider indiscrete - is the amount cadets are asked to pay themselves when entering the training program. I need to know if any amount is asked of each cadet and if so, how much.

Thank you all. In Christ,


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Anonymous said...


We are the School for Officer Training at William Booth College. I'm not sure of the rationale behind the name, except to say that this campus has always been known as a college, but when in-service training came on site there needed to be some distinction between the functions, so we became known as "schools."

Our cadets do not pay course fees, but do generally contribute towards residential maintenance costs.

I hope that this helps.