Thursday, 7 February 2008

Spiritual Formation WBC...

A couple of people asked about Spiritual Formation at WBC - this is still a work in progress but it will give some idea.

Level One

‘Transformation of the Heart’

Why Spiritual Formation?
Transforming the Mind (thoughts)?
Transforming the Mind (feelings)?
Transforming the Will and Character?
Transforming the body?
Transforming the social dimension?
Transforming the soul?

Level Two

‘Classic and Contemporary Voices’

Introduction and Thomas Merton
Thomas a Kempis – dealing with Temptation
Evelyn Underhill – A deeper sense of Prayer
Henri Nouwen – Bringing Solitude
Julian of Norwich
St John of the Cross with Teresa of Avila “Purified Progress!”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer - Christ in Community
Catherine of Siena – overflowing with love

Joint Lectures Year A

Advent#1 - Waiting
Advent#2 - Solitude
Introduction to Spiritual Disciplines
Praying through the Beatitudes
Pictures of Resurrection
Types of Prayer and Pray er
Sending Out – Covenant Teaching

Joint Lectures Year B

Introduction to Spiritual Exercises
Faith Development
Spiritual Warfare
Sending Out – Covenant Teaching

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