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Salvation Army Books...

William Booth College

The following are Salvation Army Books which appear on reading lists. There is also a much wider selection of Salvation Army literature in the college library which is used by both staff and cadets as appropriate.

Salvationist Doctrine: Christian Themes

The Salvation Army

1998 Salvation Story. London: SA

The Salvation Army

1999 Salvation Story : Study Guide London SA

The Salvation Army

1969 Handbook of Doctrine. London: SA

Booth, Bramwell

1977 Echoes and Memories. London: Hodder & Stoughton

Brengle, Samuel Logan

1896 Helps to Holiness. (various reprints)

Clark, William (ed.)

1995 Dearest Lily: a selection of the Brengle Correspondence London: SA

Clifton, Shaw

2004 New love: Thinking aloud about Practical Holiness.New Zealand Fiji and Tonga: The Salvation Army

Coutts, Frederick L.

1977 The Call to Holiness. London: SA

Coutts, Frederick L.

1983 The Splendour of Holiness. London: SA

John Coutts

1990 This We Believe. London: Challenge Books

Dean, Harry

1970 Reason to Believe. London: Hodder & Stoughton

Hill, Harold

2006 Leadership in the Salvation Army: A Case Study in Clericalisation Milton Keynes: Paternoster

Kew, Clifford W.

1980 Closer Communion: The Sacraments in Scripture and History. London: SA

Larsson, John

1983 Spiritual Breakthrough: The Holy Spirit and Ourselves. London: SA

Metcalf, William

1965 The Salvationist and the Sacraments, London: SA

Needham, Phil

1987 Community in Mission: A Salvationist Ecclesiology. London: SA

Nicholl, Donald

Rightmire, David

2003 Sanctified sanity : The Life and Teaching of Samuel Logan Brengle. Alexandria, USA: Crest

Rightmire, R. David

1990 Sacraments and the Salvation Army Metuchan: Scarecrow

Robinson, Earl (et al)

2002 Servants Together: Salvationist Perspectives on Ministry. London: SA

Street, Robert

1999 Called to be God's People. London: SA

The Salvation Army

1990 One Faith, One Church: An Insight into The Salvation Army

Response to the World Council of Churches. London: SA

Waldron, John D. (ed.)

1988 The Privilege of all Believers: Selected Articles on the Life and Doctrine of Holiness. Canada: SA

Waldron, John D. (ed.)

1982 The Salvationist and the Atonement: A Compilation of Articles by various Salvation Army Officers. Canada: SA

Yuill, Chick

1988 We Need Saints! A Fresh Look at Christian Holiness. London: SA

Sure Foundations modules

N.B. These are only examples, and some books listed would not necessarily be in agreement with mainstream SA thinking, but are there to allow cadets to examine critically alternative viewpoints. Not all books listed are published by The Salvation Army, but are included, as they may be helpful in understand the movement and its history.

Official SA Histories

Sandall, R

1947, 1950, 1955 The History of The Salvation Army Vols. I, II & III. London:

Thomas Nelson

Wiggins, Arch R

1964, 1968 The History of The Salvation Army Vols. IV & V. London: Thomas Nelson

Coutts, F 1973, 1986 The History of The Salvation Army Vols. VI & VII
London:Thomas Nelson

Gariepy, H 2000 Mobilized for God: The History of The Salvation Army Vol VIII

Grand Rapids, Michigan: Wm B Eerdmans

The following book is a summary of the first seven volumes of the official SA histories:

Coutts, F

1994 No Discharge in this War. London: IHQ

Salvation Army History - General

Horridge, G. K.

1993 The Salvation Army. Godalming: Ammonite Books

McKinley, E.H

1995 Marching to Glory. Grand Rapids, Mich: Eerdmans

Murdoch, N. H.

1994 Origins of The Salvation Army. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press

Walker, P.L

2001 Pulling the devil’s kingdom down. Berkeley: University of California Press

Winston, D.H

1999 Red-hot and righteous. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press

N.B. The web site of The Salvation Army’s Heritage Centre also has a lot of useful information. This is located at

Salvation Army History – Biographies

Begbie, Harold

1920 Life of William Booth Vols 1 & II London: Macmillan

Bennett, David Malcolm

2003 The General: William Booth Vol 1 The Evangelist. SI: Xulon

Bramwell-Booth, Catherine

1933 Bramwell Booth. London: Rich & Cowan

Clark, William

1980 Samuel Logan Brengle. London: Hodder & Stoughton

Collier, Richard

1968 The General Next to God. London: Collins

Ervine, St. J

1934 God’s Soldier: General William Booth Vols I & II. London: Heinemann

Green, Roger

1997 Catherine Booth. Crowborough: Monarch

Green, Roger

2005 The Life and Ministry of William Booth. Nashville: Abingdon Press

Hattersley, R

1999 Blood and Fire. London: Little Brown and Company

Rightmire, David

2003 Sanctified Sanity. Alexandria, Va: Crest

Watson, B

1970 Soldier Saint. London: Hodder & Stoughton

Yaxley, T & Vanderwal, C

2003 William and Catherine. Minneapolis: Bethany House

Biographies and autobiographies of SA generals also help to understand SA history better – examples include Man of Peace in a Time of War (about General George Carpenter), House of my Pilgrimage (Albert Orsborn), A Very Private General (Frederick Coutts), The Gate and the Light (Arnold Brown) and General of God’s Army (Eva Burrows).

Writings by early SA leaders or other collections

Booth, Bramwell

1925 Echoes and Memories. London: Hodder & Stoughton

Booth, William

1890 Darkest England and the Way Out. London: SA IHQ

Booth, William

1921 The Founder’s Messages to his soldiers. London: SA

Booth, William & Booth, Catherine

1978 They said it. London: SP&S

Clark, William

1985 Dearest Lily. London: IHQ

Satterlee, Allen

1985 Notable Quotables. Atlanta: SA S&P GEN 287.96 SAT

Waldron, John. D

1981 G.S.R. Oakville, Canada: Triumph Press

Other books relating to specific events, periods or issues in SA History

Clifton, S

1999 Who are these Salvationists?. Alexandria, Va: Crest

Coutts, F.L.

1982 Bread for my Neighbour. London: Hodder and Stoughton

Coutts, John

1977 The Salvationists. London: Mowbray

Eason, Andrew Mark

2003 Women in God’s Army. Waterloo,Ontario: WLU Press

Kirkham, J.C

1999 Deposed but not despised. Victoria, Aust: John C Kirkham

MacKenzie, F.A

1929 The Clash of the Cymbals. NY; London: Brentano’s

Christian Ethics

Clifton, Shaw

1985 Strong Doctrine, Strong Mercy. London The Salvation Army


Needham, P.

1987 Community in mission : A Salvationist Ecclesiology London: TSA


Yuill, Chick

2003 Leadership on the Axis of Change Crest Books


The Salvation Army

1993 Salvation Army Ceremonies IHQ London The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

1987 Orders and Regulations For Officers IHQ London The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

1987 Orders and Regulations For Corps Officers of The Salvation Army IHQ London The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

2002 O + R for Senior Pastoral Care Councils IHQ London The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army .

..... O + R for Corps Councils IHQ London The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

1986 The Song Book of The Salvation Army. IHQ The Salvation Army

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