Monday, 19 February 2007

Level 2 Course Contacts [WBC -SFOT]

Teaching Disposition
William Booth College (SFOT)

Level 2

Spiritual Formation
Captain Gordon and Catherine Cotterill, Captain Gillian Jackson

Biblical Interpretation & Preachers
Module Leader: Captain Sue Pegram
Tutor Major Kathryn Stirling
Captain Mark Herbert

Old Testament II Module Choices (Prophetic Voices; Former Prophets)
Module Leader:Stuart Watson
Tutor: Sue Pegram

New Testament II Module Choices (Pauline Theology; Luke’s Gospel and Acts)
Module Leader: Mark Pegram
Tutor:Brian Slinn

Christian Themes II
Module Leader:Captain Paul Knight
Tutor: Major Chris Baker

Faith in Context
Module Leader: Captain Steve Dutfield
Tutor: Major Karen Shakespeare

Sure Foundations II Module Choices
The Early Church, Aspects of Mediaeval Christianity, The Contribution of the Reformation)
Module Leader: Major Chris Baker
Tutor: Major Tom Stirling

Mission in Practice
Module Leader: Captain Gordon Cotterill
Tutor: Captain Steve Dutfield

Pastoral Practice
Module Leader: Major Brian Slinn
Tutor: Captain Emma Spencer

Management in Practice
Module Leader: Major David Shakespeare

Captain: Mark Pegram


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